About us

The theater was founded under the name „Kolomaz Theater“ as an informal group in 1995 in Trencin. His main focus was on the production of author’s and non-verbal productions. Currently, Dogma Theater continues. The change of the name as well as the thematic and artistic direction of the theater is praised in 2016 by a number of factors. Dogmas currently absent. In the world of multi-layered laws and interpretations, the existence of dogma is the inevitable opposition and reaction. The Dogma Theater is an open, independent creative platform and works from the project to the project with new collaborators. The home place for Dogma Theater is  The first chamber theater scene in Trenčín in Klub Luc in Trenčín. We participated in the theatre festivals in Czechia, Germany, Austria, Montenegro, Bulgaria,  Kosovo, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania.

Profile  Dogma Theatre

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