Europeana (2012)


Europeana is an adaptation of the world-famous book by Patrik Ouředník “Europeana. A Brief History of the Twentieth Century”.


Original text by: Patrik Ouředník
Directed by: Kamil Bystrický, Tomáš Plánka
Adaptation by: Juraj Benko, Kamil Bystrický, Tomáš Plánka
Conceived by: Kamil Bystrický, Tomáš Plánka
Cast: Kamil Bystrický, Tomáš Plánka
Music by: Tomáš Plánka – the “Translator” scene
Narrations by: Kamil Bystrický, Tomáš Plánka, Ondrej Slivka
Produced by: KOLOMAŽ (contemporary art association)
Premiere: 31.12. 2012, Klub Lúč, Trenčín, Slovakia

Performance was supported by Ministry of Culture Slovak republic.

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Adaptation of a text by Patrik Ouředník about a century, in which things were taken a bit too far in terms of hygiene, whether physical and mental or individual and collective. Too many guidelines for achieving cleanness, harmony and prosperity – too many to absorb over any hundred years, however porous they may be. Not to mention a single person’s surviving in good health. And those who did not survive could still be turned into a small useful thing – a bar of soap. Twentieth century’s Europe was a true soap pell-mell, everything was soaped inside and out, left and right.


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