Kamil Bystrický

Kamil Bystrický

1975, Trenčín

Founding member, actor and director at the Dogma Theater (Egon, Maty, Rubikon 1998: Pantha Rei, Dukátové Buchtičky, Pálenie sĺz, Shallowness, Story of Romania, Červená čiapočka, Angle, Redirected, Wellness, Europeana, Blázon, Komunál, Stručné dejiny sveta)
-a graduate of Masaryk University in Brno, field of study Fine Arts (holder of a Bachelor’s Degree)
– studied at the Department of Non-verbal and Comedy Theater at HAMU in Prague under the supervision of prof. Ctibor Turba (Hanging Man, Péťa a Vlk, Entertime, Problém)
– a graduate of the Theatrical workshop under the direction of Anton Adasinský from the Russian Derevo Theater
– took part with the Dogma Theater in Improliga (a competition in theatrical improvisation) in Bratislava in PKO, In Myjava, Trnava, Trenčín, and Žilina
– took part in writing the works: Egon, Maty, Dukátové Buchtičky [Hot Buns], Pálenie sĺz [Burning the Tears], Shallowness, Re-directed, Wellness, Europeana, Blázon [Fool] and Komunál [The Municipality]
– took part in performances of the M.U.T. Theater Faust is dead and Gymnazistky [High School Students]
– currently works as a statutory representative of the civic society Dogma and is a dramaturge and manager of the independent culture centre Klub Luc and First Chamber Theater Scene

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Egon (réžia: Ján Šimko, 1995)
Maty (réžia: Ján Šimko, 1996)
Rubikon 1998: Pantha Rei (réžia: Ján Šimko, 1998)
Červená čiapočka (réžia: Tomáš Hudcovič, 2002, 2010)
Europeana (réžia: Kamil Bystrický, Tomáš Plánka, 2012)
Blázon (réžia: Kamil Bystrický, 2014)
Komunál (réžia: Kamil Bystrický, 2014)
Stručné dejiny sveta (réžia: Kamil Bystrický, 2015)
Lokál (réžia: Kamil Bystrický, 2017)

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