Visegrad -1

Visegrad -1

The arrangement of the actor with the author based on the dramatization of the text he himself ordered. Provocative, assault and extrovert monodrama.


Concept, directed and perfomed by : Kamil Bystrický

Text: David Zábranský
Direction and movement cooperation: Tomas Planka
Dramaturgy cooperation: Eduard Kudlac
Artwork: Vlado Durajka, Peter Kotrha
Produced by: Kolomaz (association for contemporary art)
Slovak premiere: 29.6. 2018

Project was supported by Fond na podporu umenia

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Monodrama which dramatic master was created per order of the Dogma theater. A staging that moves along the edge of irony and austerity; thematically focused on what is currently happening in Europe, both generally and politically. Provocative, sporadically offensive, and extrovert play; centrally focused on the relation between the actor and author, alienation, and the subject of borders, which maybe should not have been torn down in the first place.

“I have addressed the subject of Visegrad and confronted it directly, or rather proudly. Who we are, what for we are, and what is the role of the individual Visegrad countries? And finally – what is the role of Slovakia in Visegrad and in Europe? My initial idea, however, was such, that Visegrad is within Europe some kind of a “special school”. Quite usually, we associate bullying and truancy with special schools. And just like that, I have approached my proud confrontation with our third-rate countries… This text is political, down-to-earth, offensive, extrovert.”

David Zábranský is a writer and author of radio and theater plays. He was born in 1977 in Prague. He graduated in law, which he also practiced initially in a non-government sector. Among other things, he worked in the Counselling office for citizenship/citizenship and human rights; in the Organization for help to refugees, or in the Human Rights League. He published his first novel “Slabost pro každou jinou pláž” in 2006 and won Magnesia Litera award in category “Discovery of the year” with the novel. Then followed novellas “Šternův pokus milovat”, “Kus umělce” a “Edita Farkaš”. Beside Czech, Zábranský’s novels were published in Hungarian and Spanish.
For the second time he was nominated for the Magnesia Litera award for his voluminous novel “Martin Juhás čili Československo”, this time in the “Book of the year” category. In 2017 he made a stir in the waters of the literary life in Czech republic with his controversial novel “Za Alpami”.


No shows booked at the moment.

19/11/2020 Praha (CZ) A studio Rubín
17/11/2020 Spišská Nová Ves (SK) Divadlo Kontra
11/10/2019 Bánovce nad Bebravou (SK) Ži:va – činorodý priestor
05/10/2019 Cheb (CZ) Západočeské divadlo Cheb
02/10/2019 Banská Bystrica (SK) Záhrada – centrum nezávislej kultúry
01/10/2019 Liptovský Mikuláš (SK) Diera do sveta
30/09/2019 Prešov (SK) Wave – centrum nezávislej kultúry
28/09/2019 Trenčín (SK) Prvá komorná divadelná scéna
11/05/2019 Macedonia (MK) Bitola – international monodrama festival
04/05/2019 Bánovce nad Bebravou (SK) Ži:va – činorodý priestor
26/04/2019 Trenčín (SK) Prvá komorná divadelná scéna
11/09/2018 Trenčín (SK) Prvá komorná divadelná scéna
29/06/2018 Trenčín (SK) Prvá komorná divadelná scéna

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